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RYA Powerboat Tender Operator

This course is designed to build on a candidate’s basic knowledge and experience of powerboating. Candidates should gain confidence in their own ability to manoeuvre a powerboat smoothly.

The course includes plenty of time to practice working with a crew member and operating short-handed. In navigation terms, the emphasis is on short ship-to-shore transfers by day and at night. Our RYA Powerboat Tender Operator Course prices start from £350.00 per person. 

Suggested minimum
pre-course experience
RYA Powerboat 2
Course knowledge RYA Powerboat 2
Course content

Preparation and Boat handling focusing on passenger safety and comfort

daytime pilotage

night time pilotage

emergency situations

associated theory

Ability after course Confident undertaking of short ship to shore transfers by day and night
Minimum duration 2 days
Minimum Age 17 years

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