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The International Certificate of Competence (ICC) is required by most European countries (excluding the UK) as evidence of a basic level of competence. There is actually no internationaly agreed competence certificate and it is worth noting that the onus is on you to check the requirements of the state you are visiting. Member states are not obliged to accept the ICC however it is normally widely recognised. It cannot be issued to nationals of UNECE Member countries unless they are British Nationals or Residents of the UK.

Within the RYA scheme the ICC falls just below the level of Day Skipper practical. Holders of the RYA Day Skipper (Power or Sail) can apply for the ICC without any further tests.

Powerboat Level 2 certificate holders will also be able to apply for the ICC without any further tests however this will only cover power vessels up to 10 metres.

If you do not hold either of the above certificates you will need to carry out a test of basic boat handling, navigation ability and knowledge of the Collision Regulations to gain the ICC ticket. Please note this is not a substitute for the RYA Day Skipper and for all intent purposes the ICC will require the level of RYA Day Skipper to pass.

Download a copy of the ICC application form here. This will also give you an idea as to what's involved with the test itself and what fees are payable to the RYA for the issue of the certificate. Our RYA ICC Direct Assessment prices start from £180.00 per person. 

Suggested minimum
pre-course experience
RYA Powerboat 2 or RYA Day Skipper practical
Course knowledge RYA Powerboat 2 or RYA Day Skipper practical
Course content

The direct assessment consists of:

Boat handling at low & higher speed

Securing to a buoy

Man Overboard

Leaving & coming alongside (marina handling)

Basic navigation & passage planning

IRPCS (road rules)

Ability after course To be able to handle a Powerboat in fair weather and daylight hours throughout most EU countries. The duration of your ICC certificate is 5 years from the date of issue
Minimum duration day
Minimum Age 16 years

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